i luv glass painting!!!

i luv glass painting!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my glass painting!!!


i did ask myself, what i'm interested in?
my heart answered for me... i like to paint glass, anything such as bottles, wine glasses, dishes, plates, as long it is glass.


i still remember those years, while waiting for my house to be built, i always collected old junks, including variety of bottles at any dump site i ever spot. while waiting for the indonesian workers doing their job (building my beloved house), i did my glass painting at the living room (half ready). there's no door, no window, no electricity and no water supply in my house... (have to pump from nearby stream to get chill fresh water)

my hubby was busy instructing them (the indonesian workers) while i'm busy painting... just me, my color and glass...

without my knowing, i've completed a lot of glass painting, and i'll show u one of them one day....

i quit painting a very long time ago while raising my kids. since all of them are big enough, no breast feeding and all baby stuff, I need to do something for myself (to fill my ample time), also to fulfill my satisfaction! besides to feed my empty pocket

Do browse at the collection of my glass painting... and if u like it... u can contact me.

Thank you!

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